About Rabotat Records

Rabotat Records was founded in 2018 by Nicholas Heil (Ironfist) and Alexandra Morancy (Madame De Fer) as a vessel for promoting a vast range of musicians and artists venturing through indie music’s vast landscape. Rabotat has no singular goal but rather an all-encompassing premise: through our love of quality, hand-crafted music, the label offers broad services in music production, artist management, online promotion and event development that are offered at the behest of their artists and their careers. Our artists are the music makers, collaborators and innovative creators that are existing in the independent sphere – including those within the realms of film, food and digital media.

Rabotat’s music and community is uncompromising, daring and bold. The label is a place where artists can come without inhibition or fear to create and collaborate – breaking new ground, merging genres and cultures to create music that speaks it’s truth and to the hearts of people around the globe.

Our Team

Nick Zeigler-Heil
Co-Founder, CEO
Alexandra Morancy
Co-Founder, COO

About Us

Record label sharing creativity and camaraderie through conscious, handcrafted electronic music.

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