A global live stream of art + performances dedicated to COVID-19 relief; hosted by Rabotat Records.
They always say that the third time is the charm – coming June 6, 2020 is ‘CIRCUITRY 3.0’ our global live stream featuring live music, food, film, art and more. As we all continue to shelter at home, Rabotat Records is here to deliver a complete day of entertainment, with this month’s theme being Analog vs. Digital. This theme will play out on our two live stages via Youtube + Facebook live, with our Linked Public Access channel running content throughout the day.
We had originally planned to donate proceeds for this event to another charity, but in lieu of recent events and in solidarity with our fellow humans, we have decided to send our complete support towards the Black Lives Matter campaign during this event. Please – make a donation today. Without black lives, this world – music included – would be nothing. If you aren’t sure how to support the cause, you can start here by donating via Paypal to alex@rabotatrecords.com. Any money earned via Paypal will be donated to BLM by June 28.
If you want to help in another way, visit this thread here for bail funds across the country that you can support by clicking here.
Stay healthy and safe – we continue to fight in solidarity.
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Live Stream Artist Lineup + Donation Details

Disko Bhute (@disko_bhute) – 9:00AM PST
JOEY G (@joey________g) – 11:00AM PST
Mad Gavs (@madgavs) – 3:00PM PST
Albert Stein (@themetronomeproject) – 5:00PM PST
Zachariah Red (@zachariahred) – 9:00AM PST
Drunken Logic (@drunkenlogics) – 10:30AM PST
We Are Makers (@wearemakersband) – 12:00PM PST
Raul Garcia (@raulgarciayo) – 1:30PM PST
Jason Erie (@jasoneriemusic) – 3:00PM PST
Sweet Undertow (@sweetundertow) – 4:30PM PST
Rabotat Recuts Presents: Gulliver’s Travels (1939) [FLIPKNOB] (@_flip_knob_) – 9:30AM PST
Leon Fit Workout Session (@leonfitblr) – 11:00AM PST
Woar 2 Art Performance Film (@woar2ski) – 12:30PM PST
Quarantine Cooking w/ Jay Chavez CIRCUITRY 3.0 Special (@himihimehoe) – 1:00PM PST
The Coloring Half Hour w/ Scott Van Orden (SvanO) (@scottvanorden) [CLICK HERE FOR PDF DOWNLOAD – COLOR ALONG!] – 2:00PM PST
Read-Along w/ Madame De Fer: Story Hour (@madamedefer_x) [CLICK HERE FOR BOOK DOWNLOAD – READ ALONG!] – 3:00PM PST
Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) – 5:00PM PST
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