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Genre: Americana, Alt-Country, Country


Function: The brightest voice and one of the biggest hearts in the Rabotat family.
Components: Big dreamer, lover of dogs (with special love to her good boy Waylon), natural performer, 70’s-era inspired vibes.
Season: Early September, where the colors change but the heat still lingers.
Technique: Vocals that don’t quit, guitar, steel pedal guitar, tons of attitude.
Tips: If you find yourself in the streets of Nashville, keep an ear out for her crooning around Music Row.

For the past six years, Emily Kidd has been singing in Honky Tonks all over Nashville. As she played alongside some of the best musicians Nashville has to offer, her love for the sounds of traditional country music grew deeper – and harder – to find.

Her music is a way to try and carve her own path within the hallowed corridors of country music with a sound that blends everything and everyone that has been a part of the journey. She’s finally got something to say, and she’s not mincing any words.

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