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Genre: House, Indie Electronic, Techno


Function: Rabotat Records Head-Hancho + Musical Innovator
Components: New Mexican, Philosophizer + Teaching Guru
Season: Summer / Early Fall
Technique: Multi-Instrumentalism, Sampling, Atmosphere, Sound Design + Classical Composition
Tips: With this dude, it’s the way she goes.

Ironfist is the alias of producer + multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Heil; co-founder of L.A. based record label Rabotat Records. He has collaborated with unique acts like My Secret Session, Just Whiskey and Madame De Fer across a multitude of genres. Drawing inspiration from classic literature, art and lm, Ironfist twists narratives and concepts with his often dark and atmospheric style of music. The sound is a blend of live instrumentation + synthesizers with an emphasis on sampling.

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Record label sharing creativity and camaraderie through conscious, handcrafted electronic music.

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