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Food Style: Spicy, Punchy, Expiremental with the Classics


Function: Rabotat Records Culinary Curator + Head Stomach in Chief
Components: Longtime Chef; Chili-Driven, Sass Extraordinaire + Fearless as Hell
Season: The Beginning of Spring as everything blooooooms.
Technique: Sharp knife work, Roast + Toast, Levels of Flavor Development, Umami + Fusion
Tips: Get Jay to perk up with any combination of the words “Chunky”, “Charred” and “FLAVOR”.

Jay Chavez – a fifteen-year seasoned Chef from Las Cruces, New Mexico – has spent half his life in a kitchen, dining room, or maybe even in your own home. He is classically trained with Southwestern influences and finds his niche in every corner of the culinary world. From golf courses to Ma + Pa’s to being a private chef, you can say he has found an industry in which he can be most comfortable with a freedom to be who he is and as creative as he wants to be.

Jay’s passion for cooking pushes him to experiment with flavors and new product to define / refine his own style. He resides in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada as a Sous Chef and Rabotat’s own Culinary Curator.

Spearheading the Rabotat [•REC] Cooking Channel, Jay has now hosted numerous YT series, ‘Quarantine Cooking w/ Jay Chavez’, ‘Bun Huggin’ w/ Jay’ and ‘Jay Works’.

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