Introducing Rabotat Recuts Presents with Ironfist’s Recut of ‘Vampyr’ (1932)

Rabotat Recuts Presents: ‘Vampyr’ (1932), complimentary of label co-founder Ironfist, is a love letter to the classic German film with numerous movements of techno and house music.   […]

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Road To OMPF 2019: Rabotat Records in India

Between November 8 and November 15, Rabotat Records was invited to be a part of the One Plus Music Festival in India – as part of the ‘Road […]

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New Premiere Announcements for ‘Teknikcolor’ and ‘Encounter I’: incl. Txapa Irratia, 44,100Hz and Klubikon

This Fall 2019, we dropped two new releases; one being Ironfist’s long awaited single, ‘Teknikcolor’, and My Secret Playground’s slinky new EP, ‘Encounter I’. We are honored to […]

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Premiere Drops for ‘Bronze Age (Remixes)’: XS Noize, Electronic Groove + Music Speaks

Leading up to release of the ‘Bronze Age (Remixes)’ EP on June 28, we are stoked to share the following premieres from XS Noize, Electronic Groove and Music […]

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Press Lineup for ‘Secondhand Songs’ feat. Adobe and Teardrops + Rock The Pigeon

Following the release of Just Whiskey’s ‘Secondhand Songs’ on March 8, the following press lineup gave a shout to the group for their EP of traditional tracks “O […]

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Looking back on last Thursday, we are still in awe at the support and community that exists in the fine, finneeee city of Nashville. When presented the opportunity […]

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Welcoming Just Whiskey; Nashville Show on March 28

Rabotat Records welcomes alt-country band Just Whiskey to their roster with Secondhand Songs – a two-track EP of traditional Americana covers – releasing on March 8, 2019. The […]

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Top Ten Inspiration Highlight Recap: Rabotat Records

Over the past year, Rabotat Records has paid tribute to the artists and albums that have influenced the roots of the label and it’s co-founders through a Top […]

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‘Sounds Of A Decade’ Review from Le Visiteur: Living Up The Best (Ironfist Remix)

My Secret Playground’s ‘Sounds Of A Decade’, received some love from Le Visiteur with their review of Living Up The Best (Ironfist Remix) following the release of the album […]

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‘Sounds Of A Decade’ Review from A&R Factory: The Encounter

Rabotat Records’ first LP, My Secret Playground’s ‘Sounds Of A Decade’, getting promoted ahead of the October 19 release date by A&R Factory with their review of The […]

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