Top Ten Inspiration Highlight Recap: Rabotat Records

Over the past year, Rabotat Records has paid tribute to the artists and albums that have influenced the roots of the label and it’s co-founders through a Top Ten Inspiration Highlight series. Here is our recap of the list in honor of New Year’s Eve 2018 (in no particular order):


 Actress – DJ-Kicks (!K7 Records)

One of the first albums that inspired us to dive into Electronic Music, courtesy of mastermind Actress. Actress’s DJ Kicks was released by !K7 Records in 2015 and is a masterpiece of a compilation consisting of hypnotic tracks and contrasting mood changes.


Daniel AveryDrone Logic (Phantasy Sound)

If you want an introduction to delicious, eloquent acid and techno, look no further than Daniel Avery’s Drone Logic. We are continually blown away every time we hear this LP; the title track is tasty, but hear These Nights Never End for a real mind bender. The album as a whole is so damn timeless.


DJ KozeAmygdala (Pampa Records)

Another one of our major influences, the DJ Koze album Amygdala is full of rich textures combined with a perfect blend of Hip-Hop and Electronic production – featuring powerhouses Matthew Dear, Apparat and Caribou. We highly recommend you hear this album – while your at it, give Knock Knock (his new album) a listen as well.


DisclosureSettle (PMR // Island)

Disclosure came onto the scene in 2013 with Settle, introducing us to their rhythmic, high-energy brand of House and a roster of incredible album appearances. The duo put the likes of Sam Smith, London Grammar, Aluna George and Eddie MacFarlane to the test on this one, to which they all ace. By the way, did we mention this was their DEBUT album?


Tzusing – 東方不敗 (L.I.E.S. Records)

東方不敗 from Tzusing is MEGA. It’s a personal favorite for Madame De Fer – where the style of EBM makes your body move on both physical and visceral levels. You can find the charm of this album in all the different percussion styles; anything from the old and resampled to the industrial and metallic. Every track shines, but “Esther” is masterful in its layered perc and dissonant vocal chants.


ShedThe Killer (50 Weapons)

We saved one of our absolute favorites for last; Shed’s The Killer was made for lovers of distortion and thrash – all while his vocal samples trickle subtle, thought provoking messages throughout the album. ‘Day After’ is an exemplary track for his unique brand of techno and, in fact, has made an incredible opener for a few Ironfist sets. We are honored to share this album as the last in our series of inspirational artist releases.


ModeratII (Monkeytown Records)

Powerhouse group Moderat made their lasting impression on us the minute we heard II. The melding of layered soundscapes and minimal techno (matched with dreamy, melodic vocal) makes for an unmistakable sound. The perfect example; watch sci-fi bender “Annihilation” to hear ‘The Mark – Interlude’ used in a pivotal scene – the minute you hear those synths and bass, you know Team Bad Kingdom has arrived.


ReconditeCorvus (Ghostly International)

While Corvus from Recondite is an EP rather than an album, it totally holds its weight with the other LP’s that have been mentioned on our top ten. Recondite is calculated and cold in his musical delivery; rich field recordings, synths and bass give him his signature sound in what feels like a walk through a techno forest late at night.


Run The JewelsRun The Jewels 3 (Run The Jewels, Inc)

If you haven’t given Run The Jewels your time yet, TIME TO STEP UP PEOPLE. The third album from these dudes hits so hard and is incredibly fearless – lyrically and in production technique. RTJ3 is markedly more intense than the other two albums and has made it to official Rabotat Records road trip album status (HYPE – check it).


BurialUntrue (Hyperdub)

Credit is owed where credit is due – meaning that it is time to mention Burial and his second LP, Untrue. The sampling, the UK garage, the dissonance and the dub elements breathe life into this album; making a legend out of the UK producer. We highly recommend you check out the Resident Advisor documentary that looks at the album production and iconic nature of Untrue – paying a proper homage to a stellar artist.

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