Genre: Things from Outer Space, Dark Spaces and all the Imagination throughout

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Function: Graphic Artist + Mastermind Behind Rabotat’s Aesthetic
Components: Otherworldly Ranger, Color Visionary + Flowmaster Celebrity. Has casually enjoyed liesurely baseball with Dave Grohl on occasion.
Season: There are no seasons when you helm from outer space.
Technique: Drawing, Color Books, Marker + Paint, Graphic Design + Art-Centric ASMR Mastery
Tips: Try not to stare too long at his artwork or your brain is sure to melt!

Scott is a collaborative, multimedia artist and storyteller. A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Sequential Art (comic books), Scott’s art focuses on the journey that brings characters to life and create worlds from the reaches of his own imagination.

He dabbles in Graphic Design, commission requests and creates coloring books, specializing in aliens and monsters from ‘Other Worlds’.

“Studies at leading universities prove that coloring relieves stress and I want to live in a stressless world.” – SVO

Commissions, Online Shops + Other Announcements:
Frankenganster Reusable Face Masks with Le Galeriste (Clothing).
Upcoming release of a fifth self-published book in the Fall of 2020. Will be available on Lulu and Amazon.
Commission piece gifted to Dr. Lieb in Eastern Virginia; the piece will be included in an upcoming Medical Profile article about Dr. Lieb out in May-June 2020.
Online Shop with Le Galeriste (Clothing).
Online Shop with RedBubble (Art + Assorted).
Online Shop with Society6 (Art + Assorted).
Online Shop with Threadless (Art + Assorted).
Online Shop with Lulu (Print + Coloring Books).
Online Shop with Amazon (Print + Coloring Books).
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