Bronze Age (Gray)

Ironfist / @ironfist_rabotat

Release Date: April 5, 2019

Label: Rabotat Records

Catalog #: RAB004DLP


Bronze Age (Gray) is the second album release from Ironfist on Rabotat Records, available on all digital stores on April 5, 2019. This album – in breaking with Ironfist’s electronic style – is conceptual in delivery and cinematic in expression. The album is a reflection of Ironfist’s personal journey, utilizing and sampling different moments + recordings in his life to paint a conceptual picture of the producer himself.

Just Whiskey, who released their EP Secondhand Songs on Rabotat Records in March 2019, are featured on the album with their takes on ‘O Death’ and ‘Cocaine Lil’. There is also an overriding motif present in the album, sample courtesy of Donald Rubinstein and ‘The Calling’, a composition from George A. Romero’s “Martin”.

The album is meant to be played first in the Bronze Age series, with Ironfist’s January release Bronze Age meant to follow (having been released in medias res). The third part of the series is a remix EP slated for release in June 2019 on Rabotat Records.

Available on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.

“Gray / Apodaca Market”, “Youngs Park / The Ballad of Gray and Lil” and “The Yellow Book” sample “The Calling” (Main title theme for George A. Romero’s “Martin), composed by Donald Rubinstein (ASCAP), Published by Desert Link Music, LLC (ASCAP), Copyright 1977 Donald Rubinstein. All rights are reserved and remain completely with Donald Rubinstein and Desert Link Music, LLC.

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